We will see the stars again

It’s been a year since this post. Although we still find ourselves in a world that feels anything but normal, I still also believe we will see the stars again. Someday. Maybe soon. Until then- hold on.

Concrete Abstractions

Do you ever wonder what we thought and talked about before Covid-19?I can hardly remember and it does feel as if it’s taking over our lives and potentially ruling our future.

Right now it feels like the whole earth is groaning, shifting, and trembling under the pressures, the stresses and the fears. So much is unknown. It’s reminded me that I don’t have the control in my life and my little world that I tend to think I do. Crises and pandemics are good at that. Reminding us that the mirage of control we thought we had, was really just that. A mirage. An illusion. I’m grateful that I have placed my trust in the Creator of the universe. It gives me a bedrock of peace and certainty in the midst of so much chaos and uncertainty. Yet that doesn’t change the not knowing what tomorrow might bring. It doesn’t…

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